Industrial uniforms are worn by those working in construction sites, factories and by individuals working within a warehouse. They usually consist of short and long sleeve shirts and long pants that are made of tightly-woven material which is durable and also comfortable. These uniforms are made from high-quality fabrics that offer comfort and durability even after many washes.

In some cases, the workers need to handle chemicals or materials that can get messy for clothes and maybe even harmful to the skin. These uniforms are made to last for longer periods and to protect the skin of the wearer. The importance of good industrial uniforms is that they do not only protect the employees in hazardous working environments but they also protect the work itself. For many industries like food production industries, hygienic work-wear is a must to protect production from contaminations. However clean uniforms are not enough because it simply means the absence of visible dirt. The uniforms need to undergo hygienic cleaning which eliminates invisible dirt, bacteria and other harmful pathogens. Uniforms give confidence to the employees and provide trust to whoever they are interacting with. For this reason, it is important to select the good quality uniforms that pass health and safety standards.

ABG Uniforms is there to help you in providing the latest quality industrial uniforms which are comfortable to wear for long without any hassle. ABG is a uniform company based in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Iraq and other middle-east countries. It provides a variety of uniforms which are used across different industries. 

These uniforms are generally made of bright colour, allowing workers to be visible. Brightly coloured uniforms are especially helpful for workers doing night shift jobs or working in poorly lit areas. Being able to see the workers is very important in industrial safety. It becomes easy for your staff wearing uniforms to be noticed out in the field. It gives them a professional look and put the civilians at ease with their uniform logos. Industrial uniforms help employees feel appreciated as well as on the same level as their co-workers, which help bring your team together as a large unit.

In the recent past, there are advancements made in garment manufacturing due to the availability of many good quality synthetic materials. All these advancements led to having features in the industrial uniforms which provide ample protection and high visibility for its workers. Nowadays they are designed to not only withstand the long and challenging working hours but also designed for the comfort and safety of its wearer. ABG Uniforms is the leading manufacturer and supplier of industrial uniforms in various cities like Jeddah, Dammam, Baghdad and Kurdistan. ABG ensures the hygiene and safety of the uniforms in various ways like:

industrial work wear
  • All the uniform products are washed in machines following the required hygiene standards. Sufficiently high temperature and disinfecting chemicals are used to remove all pathogens from the garments.
  • The uniforms are packaged in clean and hygienic conditions before they are delivered to you. We ensure the garments do not get contaminated during transportation.
  • We customize and fit the size of the uniforms for every employee so they wear the right size. Good fitting uniforms helps in preventing any potential accidents like loose clothing may be stuck in the machinery due to negligence.
  • The uniforms are designed by professionals keeping in mind the dangers and risks of various industrial working conditions.
  • All the products are in par with the quality and modern features. We have quality inspectors who thoroughly check the uniforms before transportation.


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