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Corporate uniform has evolved dramatically in last one decade and industry is on the major transformation from basic needs & compliance into corporate branding. Staffs wearing uniforms truly  reflects the product & service delivery of the respective industries includes but not limited  to Hospitals, Hotels, Facilities Management, Airlines,  companies, Securities .

Typical white & sky blue shirt, black & blue trousers Polos , Tees have been widely accepted industry legacy uniform style, which is no more valid in latest trend. Now smart corporates marketing & strategy department are focusing to refresh with trendy and comfortable uniforms wear uniquely positioned with the competitors.

  1. Innovative design & trend – Smart and unique uniform always leads to have whole day better who wears and left an impact across. Hotel Uniforms has been so bespoked with international corporate theme while
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    aligning with regional and geographical specific cultural needs. Companies and corporates have started embracing the cool and comfortable and a lot of major brands & companies have implemented a Smart Casual uniform in the workplace. It is all about understanding customers, culture and ensuring the uniform communicates this tone.
    When a corporate or company rebrands introduce a statement tee, polo or accessory that strongly represents the new look in a fun and flamboyant way. This statement piece is often used for the launch month, or as a fun casual Friday piece for the first 12 months of the uniform launch. It makes a statement to both the market and your team about the change you have made and sets the tone around brand expectations.

    ABG Uniform has revolutionized trend in uniform are all about the mix and match especially in schools, nurseries , colleges and universities uniform requirements . Companies & corporates are no longer sticking to the slogan “ one shirt fits all approach. Various complimentary pieces ensure staff / workers have an option for each day of the week creating a staffwear concept as opposed to a one-piece wardrobe. Tops are the new black and most new corporate wear ranges include a wash and wear blouse option for the ladies. Tops are comfortable, easy care and work for a range of body sizes.

    Fun, approachable, comfortable and on trend. There’s a total revamp from

    suit and tie to checks Khakis and chinos. Casual button up shirts that tab up and can be worn in or out with no tie are a trend across a number of industries.

    Denim on Denim make now huge came back Hotels, Clubs, Café’s, Restaurants and Food Chains are all about creating a stylish, funky, cool vibe. Denim shirts paired with denim aprons are all the rage and really transitioning the traditional hospitality vibe back to trendy Urban.

  2. Brand Advertisement on Uniform Way Foward– Service delivery sector such as courier, cargo, food delivery staffers use Polo & Mesh dry bright & color printed T Shirt with Corporate logo either embossed , embroidered

    or printed on front , back & on arms. Event management firms use to get the job done printed round neck T Shirt digitally printed as freebies for larger audience

  3. Layered Uniform PolicyAs said , one size doesn’t fit for all similarly there has been evolution in uniform policy subject to the staff / worker needs , location, condition of working environment / place (hot, colder, rainy etc)
    Usually the prescribed clothing will limit the staff their individuality in some way.
    By engaging employees to have better understand from them about their company, uniform needs. Ask them about what clothes work best for them while they go through their day such as in a warm place, one need to avoid dark clothes or long sleeves while a colder, darker environment may lend itself to a company hoodie or sweatshirt. These employee dialogues helps to form an idea of what are the pragmatic uniform needs of workers need, attributing respect to their desire.
    By doing so company uniform. Remember, people take their wardrobes seriously. Show them you take the issue seriously as well by answering all of their questions and by listening to their concerns.

    Few staff that never interact with customers versus a group that is face-to-face with clients or buyers so for sales team or a group that represents you outside the office, they might need a different style of uniform than someone who is always in the back. Worker who use to be in hard labor need durability over style, while desk workers can wear something lighter with a nicer design

  4. Fabric selection, color and Quality of Uniforms– Cotton, Wool mixed, Polyester , Mixed are commonly used items with company brand & logo. Now trend for summer and in hot weather linen suits and jacket middle are trending incorporates for middle east countries UAE KSA Oman etc . Various high quality sourced specific clothing with monogram on cloths, tie, bow etc.
    Durability & reliability are the main course for clients along with persistent color.

    At ABG Uniform we believe that corporate uniform should be uniquely designed and produced for the client so that the end user staff should wear with pride and confidence.
    ABG Uniform has positioned over the period of time as one the leading uniform manufacture and supplier in middle east , Gulf, GCC and African market. ABG uniforms has evolved as an innovative uniform designer, manufacture, supplier , trader to the midsize & large corporates, MNCs, Schools, College , Hospitals, Facilities Management companies, Securities Hyper & super market, Hotels, Uniform Shop, Sports Wear, Event management dress requirement and many stakeholders of hospital industry . ABG proudly caters UAE market Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah , Ajman , Fujairah, RAK KSA region Jeddah, Riyadh, Dammam, Khobar, Al Jubail, Yanbu , Oman Muscat, Sohar, Nizwa, Salala etc in addition to few African countries.

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