Disposable Uniform

Some of the workers need to perform hazardous activities as a part of their daily job requirements. This is where the need for disposable uniforms like personal protective equipment (PPE) comes into place. It offers protection from dust, dirt, mould, chemical splash, asbestos, blood, bacteria, virus or other contaminants that workers come in contact with every day. When workers feel safe and protected, they are more engaged and more productive at work. Another advantage of disposable uniforms is that there is no hassle to decontaminate used uniforms.

Why do we need Disposable Uniforms?

We need disposable uniform for the followings:

Bacteria and Infection Control

manufacturing disposable uniforms

Workers who are exposed to viruses, bacteria, or any other pathogen that can cause illness need to wear disposable protective clothing like PPE. There are various ways through which harmful pathogens can enter the worker’s body such as through skin contact, ingestion through the mouth, inhalation through the nose, or vapours that can affect the eyes and other mucous membranes. The disposable uniforms are made from fabrics which can block transmission of such contaminants.

1.Protection from chemicals and other hazardous materials

Some workers have to deal with hazardous materials and products which contain harmful chemicals. They may undergo direct chemical exposure through chemical drips, light chemical splash, and strong jet sprays under pressure. The well-manufactured disposable suit protects against chemicals and products that are labelled as skin or respiratory irritant. Disposable uniforms are a better option for healthcare workers as a way to protect themselves, their patients, and even their own families and community.

2.Safety in Harsh Environmental Conditions

disposable uniforms and protective clothing

The workers may encounter various environmental hazards in their workplace surroundings like irritating gases, dust, human waste, airborne fibers, extreme hot or cold, very loud noise, bright lights, confined spaces, etc. Working in such environmental conditions can cause long-term physical or mental damage. It becomes very important in such working conditions to wear disposable protective clothing.

3.Protection during heavy machinery operations and other hazards

Working in construction sites, wastewater and recycling plants, food and beverage processing industries, factories dealing with heavy machinery operations may put workers in danger. They may need to work on slippery surfaces, hot surfaces or near falling heavy objects. So it is important to take a risk assessment of all potential hazards and design specific disposable uniforms that can provide safety to the workers. ABG Uniforms is specialized in manufacturing disposable uniforms and protective clothing in middle-east countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, UAE and Iraq. All the uniforms designed in ABG are perfectly fit without the risk of excess fabric that can entangle with moving machinery parts.


Reusable uniforms and scrubs can wear down over time due to repeated use and laundering. Whereas disposable uniforms and scrubs are not subject to the potentially detracting effects like reuse, transport, laundering, and decontamination.

5.No burden of laundering

Protective Uniform

Generally, staff members need to launder their uniforms either at home or at the workplace to decontaminate and reduce the presence of pathogens. The disposable uniforms would be a preferable and cost-effective option in situations where laundering either in-hospital or through a vendor is difficult.

Recent times has witnessed some very conscious efforts on the part of the industries and companies to ensure the safety of employees. Oil mill companies, refineries, factories and various laboratories have been making great efforts to make sure that the employees are well equipped with the necessary clothing and protective equipment. They want to make sure that in hazardous situations, least of the lives are lost and minimal damage is assured. ABG Uniforms is one of the most popular manufacturer and supplier of disposable uniforms in various parts of Middle-East like Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Baghdad and Kurdistan. The uniforms manufactured here has got various benefits like:

  • The cut and size of the uniforms are perfectly made so that they allow sufficient freedom of movement.
  • Advances in textiles and materials have helped us to manufacture uniforms which are breathable and comfortable to wear.
  • The uniforms are made chemical resistance and abrasion resistance which allows them to retain their protective properties even under extreme operating conditions.
  • Good quality fabrics make the uniforms exceptionally resistant to tearing and abrasion and hence provide durability.
  • The disposable uniforms need no washing, maintenance or repair costs. They can be disposed of easily by a simple process.