School is the most important foundation phase of anyone’s life. A vibrant school uniform adds on to the excitement of every school-going child when he/she put it on. A decent and good-looking school uniform plays a major role in spreading uniformity, belongingness and equality among students no matter from which class, section, religion, region, economic strata or country they belong to. ABG Uniforms is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of school uniforms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE and other Middle East countries.

ABG Uniforms is one of the best manufacturers and suppliers of school uniforms in Dubai, Abu Dhabi UAE and other Middle East countries.

Why School Uniform Should Be Mandatory

There are various reasons why schools must have their specific uniform:

(A). Important Reasons

  • School uniform makes students trained to dress smart and feel pride in their appearance from the very early life
  • It brings uniformity and equality among students
  • It develops belongingness in their mind from a particular school
  • It makes them safe from the crime
  • It develops a learning atmosphere among students
  • It teaches discipline among students
  • It prepares students to get ready quick and faster for school
  • It improves punctuality among students that improve attendance

(B). Economic Reasons

  • Students belong to different economic backgrounds i.e. lower, middle and upper classes of society
  • The rich students may wear an expensive dress that distracts the others who are unable to buy the same for the school dress.
  • A school is a learning place for the remaining life period and not to show the wealth through dress.
  • School uniform hides economic differences and develops equality among all students.
  • Thus, school uniform ends a superiority or inferiority complex in students and everyone feels equal among them.

(C). Peer Pressure

A proper school uniform helps both students as well as parents to overcome peer pressure. If the school allows students to wear the dress they like, every student will be busy to compare each- others’ dresses and not learning performances.   It will distract students from study and disturb the learning environment of the school. It will also create pressure in parents from students’ demand to buy a particular dress. Moreover, school uniform reduces the competition and peer pressure concerning fashioned dresses especially for teenage students.

(D). Safety of Students

The parents never want their kids to be unsafe at school. And schools are responsible and accountable for the safety & security of every student. School uniform plays an important role in the maintenance of discipline in students and makes them safe by keeping an eye on everyone.

A school uniform helps staff in managing students easily on field trips and outings outside the school. Because all students wear the same school uniform which makes it easy to identify and manage them.

(E). School Uniform Develops Professionalism

Wearing uniform from the very early life, beginning in the school, makes students habitual of dress code to follow during the entire life to come.  School uniform gives a decent outlook on every student’s physical appearance. It opens the door for school children to enter into professional life after completing their education, especially when they enter into a corporate setup. It also teaches good manners and behavior to every school going kids to be neat and clean, which they carry on the entire life particularly in adulthood.

(F). School Uniform Makes Students Concentrate on Studies

The most important point students have to focus on the school is whether they are studying or not? Generally, when they come to school in casual dress, they like to share their feeling about one another’s clothes.  When they are in school uniform they concentrate more on studies and less on the clothes of others’ students. It helps them to compare their performance in learning and not their dresses.

(G). School Uniform Develop Unity & Community Spirit

Wearing a school uniform builds a sense of team and community spirit from early life. School uniform enhances the level of respect for the school they belong to. It also develops teamwork in their attitude to compete with any challenges coming in their future life.

(H). School Uniforms are Designed and Stitched as per Weather &      Trend

All school authorities always try to incorporate a disciplined culture amongst the students’ conduct in and outside the school in every aspect. The discipline and weather factors are considered the most when it comes to designing and stitching of school uniforms. Every school wishes its students to feel proud of wearing their school uniforms. Hence, it is very important to consider students’ choices while designing school uniforms. Students also love to wear those school uniforms which follow the trends available in other schools in and around.

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