Industrial Uniform and Safety in Saudi Arabia

Industrial uniforms are the most essential for the employees working in various kinds of factories, construction sites, and oil and gas industries. In Saudi Arabia, there is a large number of oil and gas industries. According to the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), around 17 per cent of the world’s petroleum reserves are in Saudi Arabia. The oil and gas sector accounts for about 50 per cent of gross domestic product, and about 70 per cent of export earnings. Safety and health management is one of the vital concerns of Oil and Gas industries.

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It is because most of the operational conditions, chemicals, and end products like hydrocarbons and their derivatives associated with Oil and Gas production are well-known to pose serious safety and health threats to the workers. So it becomes even more important for workers involved in such industries to wear good quality industrial uniforms to protect them from hazards.

ABG Uniforms manufacture excellent quality industrial uniforms in Saudi Arabia using the latest manufacturing techniques that match the international standards. A good quality uniform provides confidence and protection in harsh working conditions. The quality and comfort together enhance the performance of the staff.

Workers in the Oil and Gas industry are susceptible to various kinds of safety and injury hazards. The workers sometimes get struck by tools. Some are entangled in any machinery equipment and some are crushed by other objects. Fire and explosion may occur due to the presence of highly combustible hydrocarbons or other ignition sources. Workers suffer many health hazards due to working in confined spaces which have limited opening for entry and exit and inadequate natural ventilation. Many times casualties occur when workers need to move on an uneven surface at high elevation. It may also be due to the non-availability of fall protection systems.

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The workers are exposed to chemical hazards such as toxic and corrosive chemicals, carcinogens, asphyxiates, irritants, and sensitizing substances. Besides the chemical hazards, the workers are also exposed to many physical hazards like noise, vibration, extreme temperature, and harmful radiation. Biological hazards like bacteria, parasites, viruses, and fungus can cause severe infection or disease. Ergonomic hazards that damage the musculoskeletal system, by affecting the muscles or ligaments of the lower back, tendons or nerves of the hands/wrists, or the knee bones may occur due to manual handling of heavy equipment, repetitive motions, and improper postures.

Industrial uniforms help the workers working in potentially dangerous conditions. These uniforms are made from high-quality fabrics such as Aramids, Coated Nylon, Modacrylic, and Polybenzimidazole or PBI fibers that give the highest level of protection and durability. Industrial uniforms for employees especially those working in the oil and gas industries are made from Flame-Resistant Clothing. These types of uniforms have self-extinguishing properties and will not easily catch fire.  They are specifically manufactured to protect wearers from potential intermittent flames and thermal exposure.

It is the need of the hour to develop a safety management system to effectively address worker safety issues and reduce the rate of injuries and accidents in the industry. The oil and gas industry should perform hazard identification and risk assessment like frequent tracking and monitoring of various health and safety indicators. There should be well-documented strategies and action plans which are easily understood and readily available to all the workers.

Every worker should follow consistent health and safety practices as instructed. The industries should develop an environment of open communication and give time and space for workers to get to know each other. Building strong personal connections among the workers will develop trust and confidence. All these measures will help in reducing the cost associated with accidents and ensures the well-being of the employees. These steps towards safety will develop a more inspired, and performance-driven workforce.

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If you are looking for the best industrial uniform supplier in KSA, ABG Uniforms have many years of experience in the field of manufacturing all kinds of industrial uniforms in Al Jubail, Al Khobar, Buraydah, Mecca, Medina, Najran, Dhahran and other cities of Saudi Arabia. Their team of expert professionals designs industrial uniforms for the workers according to their job profile, working conditions, and safety concerns.

Safety is the most important concern for employees as well as the employer involved in the oil and gas industries. Working in such industries puts the workers at risk of multiple types of injuries. The workers might be exposed to intense heat, and rough environments. Employees working in such conditions has to have heavily armed uniforms, gloves, glasses, and a lot more. This is the reason every industry must keep safety as their priority. Here comes the need for uniforms, and accessories that are designed keeping in mind the safety of the wearer. Industrial uniforms can have some positive impact on the work, mood, and safety of the staff. Industrial worker’s uniforms not only safeguard the employees but also enables them to look quite professional.

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ABG Uniforms manufacture a wide range of Industrial Uniforms across various industrial cities of KSA such as Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Sudair, Qassim, and Al-Kharj. Their industrial Uniforms range includes workwear trousers and shorts, hi-visibility vests, Shirts, Fleece Jackets, Thermal Coats, Boiler Suit, and Associated Accessories. It provides Industrial Uniforms with unique features and advantages as they are made anti-bacterial, Teflon coated, fire-retardant, and stain-resistant. These uniforms protect the employees working in oil and gas industries whose working environment is prone to fire hazards like flash fires or electric arcs and exposure to flammable chemicals and solvents.